I first found out about Rick Olivier researching photographers in New Orleans. I wanted someone that could really capture a moment and not just do the cookie cutter poses like most wedding photographers do. Upon finding Rick Olivier I found his company on theknot.com, City Park Studio. I reviewed the weddings he had done after looking at his photography of other things besides weddings. I instantly fell in love with the way he could capture people in his images. After meeting Rick I was even more sold. We had over 150 people coming from out of town so I wanted not only the wedding and bridal shoot but I also wanted him to shoot the rehearsal dinner the night before the wedding, since most of the wedding party may never be together again. He worked with me on all of my requests with ease and gave me a more than fair price on the three shoots. Rick is also very good at putting your mind at ease. I never had to worry about him not knowing what was going on, as soon as I contacted him I had a reply and he was always very thorough in everything I would need to know. Not even 4 days after the wedding he had all my images to me!! It was one of the easiest parts of my entire wedding. I would definitely work with Rick again and would do so with the peace of mind that I am getting the very best photographer at a great cost and all the images will be ones that really captured the heart of what was happening. He did a wonderful job!!  Kim Wilcox Stedem

Rick is AMAZING! He is an artist and he does a wonderful job of capturing special and candid moments. He is a true photojournalist. He told the story of our wedding so perfectly I was blown away. The other amazing thing was that he seemed to be invisible to me (and our guests) during the whole event. I was so shocked to see the moments he captured without the person in the picture posing. I am so happy we have these images to help preserve the memories of our wedding. I can’t stop looking at them. Highly recommend!       Meagan Brown Zarwell

Rick Olivier photographed me for my bridal shoot in City Park in New orleans. It was raining/misting and very windy, BUT we pressed on! I was determined to have great pictures, and that’s just what I got. We used the wind to our advantage with my grandmother’s old shawl blowing in the breeze, as he thought it would be a cool shot. It defintiely was. In his studio, I took pictures with his yellow guitar from his band. Such a fun time taking these pictures! His artistic take on the photos was amazing. It was not your ‘average bridal shoot’. It was exactly what I wanted. I then used him at my wedding and I hardly even knew he was there, yet he got so many shots of everything that happened at the wedding. Lots of great action shots! I got my bridal proofs and my wedding proofs within 2-3 days from when they were taken, which I loved because I was so excited to see them. I would definitely recommend City Park Studio to brides or to anyone that wants a photographer that thinks “outside of the box”. Loved my experience….  Lauren Eskine Southerland

I just wanted to let you know that we received the wedding photos, and we are thoroughly pleased. You were able to capture some really great moments that reflect our personal memories of that day. You were also able to capture photos of our guests that highlight the unique qualities of their personalities. This was one expectation that I had from the beginning, and you fulfilled it with little to no direction from me.   It will be tough to decide which photos make the final cut for our album. I know we made the right decision in hiring you to capture this incredible time with our friends and family. We truly appreciate your talents. Thank you!        Fabie Derbigny

First and foremost, we love our wedding photos and I am very happy with our photographer, Rick Oliver. He was easy to work with and our pictures were ready within a week. Not much else to say other then he was great!  Christine Bickley

We had our wedding at Rock n’ Bowl and Rick was just the perfect guy for our unique and special day! I had not been able to find the right photographer since we did not need the traditional wedding package. He was very reasonable in price and very easy to work with–lucky for us he was available at the last minute! He did everything I wanted and was very patient when we had unexpected delays. He was there as my bridesmaids and I were getting ready and then rode with us in the limo and got some great photos. He stayed late and got our photos back to us in 2 days!! Super nice guy–we recommend him highly!!   Lydia Arriaga

I was looking for a photographer that was reasonably priced and would allow me to keep all my photos. I also knew that I wanted something a little different. I really wanted my bridal portraits to reflect me and I wanted to enjoy my reception without tons of posed photos. I found my perfect match with City Park Studio. Rick was so easy to work with and returned all my emails immediately. I did my bridal portraits at City Park. It was drizzling that day, but I really wanted outside shots and Rick was more than willing to oblige. They turned out beautifully!! And even better, I got them 2 days later! My wedding photos were waiting for me when I returned from my honeymoon! There are so many great shots of my hubby and myself during our ceremony and reception, many of which I have no idea how he got without my noticing. The candids of our guests were amazing. Overall, I am more than pleased with my experience and would absolutely recommend City Park Studio to my friends.  Allison Simon

Your photographs of musicians are without peer. You capture their very essence.    Michael Dominci

The best photographs EVER of my products!    Tara McConnell of Temp-Tations Cookware

Thanks for being awesome!  The client loved the shots!   Art Director Tom Futrell

I was thrilled to finally meet you at your Jazz Fest booth this year, and doubly so to discover you are the same Rick Olivier from the Creole String Beans.  It was the beginning of yet another magical day of Jazz Fest.  My dear friend Eric Overmyer bought your incredible Irma Thomas photograph for me for my birthday.  What an incredible treasure!  I was wondering if you might mind sharing the background of the photograph with me, as everyone who sees it and marvels it, asks.  Also, when I first received it, it spent a couple of days sitting on our staircase landing, while I was finding the perfect place to hang it.  My normally very active seven-year-old would often be found sitting staring it for long periods.  Her response-“whenever I go up or down the stairs, I just have to stop and look at it for a while.  She is so breathtakingly beautiful!”  Wow!  I couldn’t have put it any better.  She also showed it to a friend and said, “Isn’t she stunning?”   Thanks again for my wonderful photograph.  Nancy Gilbertson